Friday, January 8, 2016

Geometry Problem Set for Dec 20, 2015 and Jan 3, 2016

Download Geometry Problem Set from the following link:
Geometry Problem Set

Geometry Mission on Khan Academy
The Geometry Mission on Khan Academy is a systematic way to learn the background material for the Geometry Problem Set.

Especially Useful Content

Triangle similarity
AA similarity
Right triangles and trigonometry
Geometry Level 1 Helpful Videos
  1. Angle Measurements and Circle Arcs
  2. Similar Triangle Basics
  3. Slope of a Line
Geometry Level 2 Helpful Videos
  1. This problem is harder than the other Level 2 problems.
  2. Ways to Cut A Cube
  3. Similar Triangle Basics
Geometry Level 3 Helpful Videos
  1. Area of an equilateral triangle and Trigonometry with right triangles
  2. Volume tutorial
  3. Circumference and area of circles (especially practice problems on "Shaded areas")
Geometry Level 4 Helpful Videos

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