Saturday, February 27, 2016

Division M1 session on Feb 21, 2016

Instructor:Mr. Isa Hafalir, Mr. Zia Hydari
Attendance:AbdulRafay, Adeel, Bilal, Ramy, Sohaib, Areej
Handout:MOEMS Vol 3, pp. 72–85 (please bring this handout to every class)
Problems Solved in Class:MOEMS Volume 3 handout: All problems on p. 72
From Geometry Chapter 2 handout: 2.44, 2.45, 2.53, 2.54, 
Concepts:Angles, parallel lines, triangles (esp. exterior angle), counting, greatest common divisor
Student Difficulties:Not counting systematically. Proofs. 
Homework:Finish all problems from Geometry Chapter 2 handout

If you face any difficulties, please make sure that you complete the old homework on Khan Academy missions: LinesAnglesShapes
Notes:CONTEST on Sunday Feb 28th. To prepare for the contest, please make sure that you have solved all problems in Geometry Chapter 2 handout. There will be additional problems similar to the ones in the MOEMS handout.

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