Sunday, February 7, 2016

Division M1 session on Feb 07, 2016

Instructor:Mr. Zia Hydari
Attendance:AbdulRafay, Adeel, Bilal, Ramy, Sohaib, Areej
Handout:No new handout today; I returned graded competition questions
Problems Solved in Class:Problem 5–10 from the competition given out last week
Concepts:Angles, parallel lines, triangles (esp. exterior angle)
Student Difficulties:
Homework:Please complete the following problems from the handout that I gave a few weeks ago:
Monday: 2.31, 2.35
Tuesday: 2.36, 2.39
Wednesday: 2.42, 2.44
Thursday: 2:45, 2.46
Friday: 2.49, 2.50
Saturday: 2.51, 2.52. 

If you face any difficulties, please make sure that you complete the old homework on Khan Academy missions: LinesAnglesShapes
Winner for Jan 2016 CompetitionAbdulRafay (winner); Areej (runner-up)

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