Monday, February 22, 2016

Division M2 session on Feb 21, 2016

Instructor:Mr. Isa Hafalir, Mr. Ahmed Hefny
Attendance:Ayan, Adan, Omar, Baseer
Handout:Purple comet problems
Problems Solved in Class:- Problems 1-5 of 2015 Purple Comet test
- Examples from "Introduction to Counting and Probability"
- Counting number of elements in a list: Off-by-one errors, problem reduction: reduce a more difficult problem to a simpler one; transforming elements in a list does not change the number of elements.
- Counting using Venn diagrams- Constructive Counting: Define a generative process to create solutions such that the number of possibilities in each step of the process can be counted.
- Complementary Counting: When counting the number of solutions that satisfy a condition, sometimes it is easier to count the number of solutions that do NOT satisfy the conditions (let's call that x). The answer then would be:answer = number of all solutions - x
Student Difficulties:
Homework:Homework due 3/6:
Purple Comet Problems:
Problems 6-15
Notes:* Please bring working sheets and pencils to upcoming sessions.
* A competition will be held on 2/28. It will cover all concepts discussed so far. Use purple comet handout for preparation.

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